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Hey there, it is no news that WEB 3.0 is soon going to be the reality with the increasing popularity of gaming, NFTs, and other such things like the metaverse which has been the dream of a lot of people for years.

Facebook has committed its entire brand to the metaverse-with billions of dollars of resources which has the potential to be the biggest business of all time--because it will provide people with the ability to immediately transport themselves to another place or even time. What does this mean for you ?

Marketers & online businesses will need to develop content that is product-specific, unique,
clearly defines target customers, segment and target their customers more specifically
…..and provide the consumers with a more personalized and localized shopping experience…by understanding consumption & buying patterns and specific user behavior.
And this is where INTERACTIVE VIDEOS become so crucial.

Check this out:
● Base on research 88% of marketers proves that interactive content differentiates them
from their competitors.
● An interactive content generates 4 - 5 times more page views than static content
● 93% says interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer,
versus just 70% for static content. Not just this, local businesses in every niche are spending huge amounts of money to get such interactive videos. Freelancing has made a lot of people on such platforms thousands of dollars just by offering these interactive video services to businesses all over the world.
● has over 31 million users with about 12 million completed projects
● Upwork has over 17 million active users and 180+ countries represented
● Fiverr currently has over 7 million active buyers. Every Business is desperately Looking to Get More   Leads and Sales With Video Marketing
● 68% of marketers believes interactive video will become the future of video marketing in
2002 and beyond with it’s effectiveness
● 300% conversion with emails that have video clips which boosts the click through rates
● Interactive video creates 66% more engagement and 44% longer viewing time. But… Still
4 in 5 businesses buy expensive and complicated video tools that create boring videos and
don't offer all it takes to create a STUNNING Interactive video & 46% of some businesses still pay $500 for every single video which means they are looking at roughly spending $5000 per month for a couple of them.

Word of Caution
You Can’t Afford To Buy Every Video Tool Because A Lot Is Needed To Create and Manage A Stunning Interactive Video You need to jump mainly through FOUR hoops:
1. Create Interactive Videos Such As ; sales videos, blog videos, video ad campaigns and
so much more, Host Videos, Add Interactive Elements, Subscribe For A Page Builder,
Customize Video And It Goes On And On.
2. Generate Traffic and Leads, Track Visitors Analytics.
3. Segment Your List And Automate Workflows.
4. Run Engaging and Targeted Video Marketing Campaigns Consistently
...and Facedrip has it all, and then some more.

What Is Facedrip?
Facedrip is the first ever artificial intelligence assisted interactive video creation app with built-In Interactive & Video Marketing Services that provides The Quickest & Easiest Way To CREATE, HOST, MARKET & SELL INTERACTIVE VIDEOS.

Do You want to Cash-In On This HIGH DEMAND SERVICE That is proven to get you more leads, conversions, sales, clicks, opens, bookings, responses, signups e.t.c and still offer these services to your clients for big bucks ? Get this done In Just 3 Easy Steps…

STEP 1: Create A Video
Decide on any video you would like to create for any kind of business such as; Sales Videos & VSLs, Product Demos, Affiliate Review Videos, Training Videos and the list goes on.
Use the built-in video creation service you can upload, record with webcam or screen customize videos, add interactive elements and much more.

STEP 2: Host Your Video
You do not have to worry about storage space or bandwidth for your videos
Use the 100% free hosting service already done for you which is newbie friendly

STEP 3: Market And Sell With Videos
Nurture LEADS with targeted follow-up content based on user preferences and engagement
data, Add LINKS to products & services you want to promote from right inside your videos, as well as Make MORE sales by letting your customers buy products while they watch the product video.

Artificial Intelligence Application for making and hosting marketable videos
(Pro Tip: After creating high converting interactive video… sell them to clients across various niches, make huge profits and keep 100% profit to yourself)
Generating Traffic and Leads Or Selling with Interactive videos with a fully automated
Video Creation and Marketing App and all Done-For-You, has never been simpler. Thanks
to Facedrip’s intelligent features such as:

1. One Click Built In Stunning Video Creation Service For Interactive:
● Sales Videos and VSLs
● Product Demos
● Affiliate Review Videos
● Training and Webinar Re-Runs
● Blog Videos
● Training Videos
● Video Ad Campaigns
● Attractive Email Sequence
● Screen Recording and Sharing
● How to /Explainer Videos
● Tutorial Videos
● Onboarding Videos
● Testimonial Videos
● Promotional Videos
● Video Voicemail
● And the list goes on………

2. Access To Interactive Elements That Helps You Build & ManageLeads Right Inside The Video.
● Optin Forms
● Interactive CTA’s
● Buy Buttons
● Public Booking Links
● Watermarks
● Clickable Texts
● Visit Website Button
● Countdown Timers
● Social Share
● Quizzes & Surveys
● Maps and Calendars
● Payment Links (paypal, stripe)
● Gamification and Incentivized Rewards
● Access from Anywhere & Use for Any Purpose You Want

3. Built-In Advanced Artificial Intelligent Features To Manage Clients and Sell With Videos Effortlessly.
● Manage customers and leads.
● Done-For-You Active Lead Generation Services.
● Accept Appointments Straight From Videos.
● Organize Your Brands Into Independent Workspaces
● Request For Video Replies From Viewers And Customers As Short Video Testimonial
● Protect And Secure Your Videos
● Collaborate With Experts
● Track Activity Reports
● Create Tasks
● Add and Manage Deals
● Segment and Target Your Customers
● Score and Manage Leads
● Automate Sales
● Convert and Nurture Leads
● Tons of other customizable options and a lot more…

4. Video SMS & Email Campaign That Automates Your Entire Marketing
● Create campaigns: replace boring plain text and email messages with personalized
video messages and interactive elements
● Make viewers take action
● Create high converting video sales page with built-in futuristic page builder
● Import contacts and lists from other platforms to bring them all under one virtual roof as
well as export.
● Create conditional segments
● Send emails and SMS to targeted customers
● Done for you engaging email templates, cta’s and assets
● Create Contact and Tags
● Access video automation and workflow services
● Embed Seo Friendly Codes
● Data Driven Visitors Analytics, Reactions, Reports.etc…..
● Enhance Video Marketing: With this One Click AI Powered App, you can take your
business to the next level of video marketing by letting viewers take the action that you
desire them to, with relevant call-to-actions such as schedule a demo button/visit
website button, etc.
● You can also create and send personalized, trackable video messages through
popular third-party platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, SMS… Autoresponders
such as Aweber, ActiveCampaign… CRM’s such as Salesforces, Hubspot, Pipedrive,
etc. and more
● Get Tsunami of Targeted Customers: We took into consideration a wider outreach for
your customers with no limitation that is why we have provided features like;
state-of-the-art transcoding/encoding video technology, text-to-speech services, video
translation, video transcription all in one dashboard. And so much more...

Who Should Use Facedrip?
Works for Video marketers, Influencers, Affiliate Marketers, Coaches/Consultant, Local
Agencies, Vloggers, Youtubers and Freelancers looking to sell interactive video marketing
services. Here are Just Some Of The Businesses Desperately Looking For An Agency To Help Make Their Business Thrive With Video Marketing:

● Manufacturing Industries
● Real Estate
● Ecommerce
● Travel & Hospitality
● Bloggers
● Product Owners
● Fitness Trainings
● Health Care
● Education
● Fashion
● Restaurants
● SaaS
● Small Local Businesses
● Non Profit Organizations
… and every other business you can think of.

Help your business grow by leaps & bounds with FaceDrip and kickstart a brand new method of earning money, at the same time! Create high-converting Interactive Videos by the minute and sell them to clients across various niches and make a HUGE profit, every time with FREE Video Hosting + FREE Commercial License ONLY When You Get Access Today.

This is one of the things that makes this offer super duper awesome . .
Facedrip including all the awesome bonuses are going for a very TINY one-time fee of $307. It is quite unbelievable? That’s is a very tiny bitty fraction of its true value, market cost, not to mention the high income potential!

Plus this little investment is backed by a solid ZERO RISK 30 days money-back guarantee, so you can test run the software with all the risk on the product creator. We encourage you to contact us first and give us a chance to help you resolve any queries all the same.
Fair warning though, this low one-time fee is valid only during the launch special period, DON’T MISS IT!

My Verdict On Facedrip
I believe my Review has given you useful information about this FIRST EVER Artificial
Intelligence Assisted Interactive Video Creation Platform. Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. This product is a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret it later by missing it.

So, Hurry Up! Facedrip is the Best ever software that you need to Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level Using Built-In Features and Done For You Assets Effortlessly.

As a Beta tester, I have analyzed every aspect of this One Click A.I Powered App developed by Steve Tari & Harveyteck Team and after using it I can say this is something unique. It is a first to market tool that has simplified the process of creating, hosting, marketing and even selling with video for any kind of business that also offers multiple video services as well.
>>> Check out a quick demo video to see how it works HERE!

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