Saturday, 16 December 2017

SmartWork versus HardWork in Online Currency Trading; Steps to placing successful trades.

First and foremost, let me tell you that for you to become successful in your trading experience, you need to be a smart worker. Most traders complicate issues for themselves. They confuse themselves with the indicators they use to predict the trend of the market. They keep long on their computer, looking for a holy gray trading system, that will give higher profit in their trades. But the sincere truth is that it doesn’t work like that. However, the few who would make a fortune out of trading, would display wisdom by working smart. And that is exactly what you need.
Now, we are going to consider what working smart and working hard are, in this context. These are the steps you need to take in placing successful trades.
SIMPLICITY – A smart trader will keep it simple. He wouldn't need all the indicators in the world to carry out his analysis. He’s wouldn't also going to bother himself about all the currency pairs on meta trader platform. He would focus his analysis on few currency pairs.. The word to describe his simplicity is being focused. This is one good attribute every trader should possess. If you don’t have it, it might not be easy to be successful in your trading experience.
MAP – Basically, the purpose of a map is to give direction. A trader needs to map out his strategy, which he would need to follow through diligently, as a guide or direction. As a trader, you need a plan that would serve as a guide or direction. One important reason why a large number of traders make losses in their trading experience could be because of lack of direction and proper planning. Traders need to plan their trades, and trade their plans. When you have a clue on what is happening in the market at a particular time, it will give a direction or an idea on what to do next, thereby helps to determine the right currency pairs to trade, and the right profit to target.

APPLICATION – This is where one has to rightly apply all he has planned in the previous step. Here, your full attention is required. You would have to give attention to every detail of your plan before it is carried out. This is where you would need to display a level of wisdom. And wisdom is defined as the right application of acquired knowledge. It means, at this time, you need to rightly apply all you have mapped out at the previous stage, for you to be successful at the end of the process. Invariably, wrong application of the mapped out plan would result in failure or losses. At this point, your trade is being executed.
RELAX – At this stage, your trade would have been placed. What is required of a trader, at this point, is to shut down your computer and take some rest. Only one would have to check those trades at intervals. Do not take any tension, at all. Your target profit and stop losses must have been set. Be confident enough to trust your instinct. The benefit of staying away from your laptop, for some time, is that it would keep you from being influenced negatively by your emotions.
TAKE your profit – At this point, your profit could have been taken, automatically. If you find out that the price movement has not reached the target profit set initially, and there is no tendency it would reach it, wisdom should tell you to close your trade at the current price, except if there is likelihood, from your analysis, that the market trend is still in your favor. Another experience a trader could have at this stage is that the price could have reached the stop loss, and you have been stopped at a loss from the trade. You don't have to be discouraged at this, because losses are part of the game. If you have a good working system, you should be rest assured that your trades won't result in losses all the time.

What you need to avoid in placing your trades

HASTY – You don't have to be in a hurry to place your orders or else, you would burn your fingers. You would need to take your time to study the situation in the currency market, at a point in time, and use your findings to do your analysis. If there is no reason or need to place an order, you don't have to be influenced by any sharp movement that occurs in the market.
ANGER – Don't get angry based on the result of your past orders or trades. The implication of getting angry is that it makes you to react to the currency market, irrationally. Like I said earlier, losses are part of the game. Let it get registered in you that there is no trading system that will achieve a 100 per cent success rate. Those trading systems, so to say, also have their down times. So when you make some losses, calm down and re-strategize.

REPETITION – When a trade or a group of trades result in losses, there is a need to sit down and make evaluation on why those trades result in losses. The trader in such a situation would need to ask himself questions like "what did I do wrong?", e.t.c Such an evaluation would prevent the trader from making same mistakes. You can't continue to do something in the same way and expect a different result.That is talking about repetition. One would need to think of a better way of doing it to get a different and better result.
DISAPPOINTMENT – You need to avoid being disappointed. When you work hard to avoid others like hastiness, anger and repetition of bad trading attitude, automatically, you would avoid being disappointed.
Finally, I want to tell you at this point, that currency trading is not suitable for everyone. It is only for the people who can actually manage their emotion; greed and fear. The people who can take reasonable and calculated risks.
Have a pip filled day!

The Six (6) Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Let me first make something clear; personality tendencies are not an accurate prediction of who will be successful as a business person. Introverts have built successful businesses, so are extroverts. Aggressive people have been successful, gentle and easy going people have built world class businesses. So, there is no definite temperament or personality make up that determines business success. In any case, all of us are combinations of various temperamental tendencies.
Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert is not the issue, you can build great business; you can become the next business success story!
However, there are traits that set apart the successful business man. These traits can be developed by anyone. In fact, most of us have them, we just need to practice them more and they will become second nature and serve us well on our road to business success.
Now you may read the following list of traits that I called the Basics of Business Success and say: “O.K. I have read and heard these all my life.” But ask yourself if you have sincerely made effort to practice these things.
If you really want to be a success in your business journey, decide right now to start giving priority to develop these characteristics. So, are you ready?
It is a known fact that every organization is the lengthen shadow of the owner(s). To build a great company, you must have not just a vision but an inspired one.
Vision that inspires you keeps you awake in the night. You are excited; it energizes you, makes you jump right out of the bed in the morning. You see the path clearly, you are positive about your life. These are what inspired vision does to you.
It is so important that you have an inspired vision of what your business can and will achieve, because in the business environment, challenges abound that without a solid vision that you believe and feel strongly about, it will be difficult to see it through.
So what is your vision? Are you inspired enough to see it through? Are you excited about your vision? Have you written it down clearly? What will you give to achieve it? (After all, there is no free meal anywhere, somebody has got to pay). Can you imagine how many your business will affect positively? How wealthy you will become? How popular and important you will be in the society? How valuable and useful you will be to your community, your country or even to the world? Yes anything is possible! The question is; are you inspired by your vision?
Another important trait you must develop is courage. Now courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to take positive action in the face of fear.
Let us face it, it is tough out there. Only the courageous can achieve their goals. You must develop yourself, have ability to stand for what you believe in without wavering, the courage to stand out, to be unique, to be different. Courage to dare, to stick out your neck.
It will happen. I can guarantee you of this, a time will come when you will look at your business and wonder what in the world you were thinking to ever venture out! But do not panic, stay calm your fears are not justified at all, go back to your vision and be inspired again, refocus on the bigger picture, be courageous!
Optimism and belief are very crucial in your business journey. If you do not believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe you? If you do not believe in your products/ services, do not think that your potential customers will believe in them!
You must have a deep, solid faith in yourself. You must believe strongly in your ability, you must believe in your vision and in your products/services.
Let me emphasize this; the presence of a vision in the mind of an individual is evidence that he/she has the ability and wherewithal to bring it to reality. So, believe in yourself, you are moving toward your goal, you can achieve it no matter the odds against you, never give up on yourself or on your vision.
Every great success has been inundated with great challenges and failures. You are not an exemption, but if you do not give up, you will achieve your goal.
To succeed in the business world, you must have passion and be committed 110%! Successful business owners are very passionate about their business; they are committed to making things happen. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and put in long hours of work.
It is very important that you develop passion and unwavering commitment.
Passion and commitment are the offshoot of having an inspired vision and doing what you love. When you have passion, you will be persistent and patient; you will be self-discipline and be willing to pay the price of success in advance.
Successful entrepreneurs are great risk takers. They weigh their risk against the reward and plunge in. They are not afraid to fail, they regard failure as a learning experience and they move on, there can be no success without risk; in fact that is what makes the journey an exciting one.
Also, you must learn to take responsibility for your actions. When you accept responsibility for your life and your actions, you are taking charge and making things happen.
Whatever you are doing, you must take responsibility for your life, when you do, it gives you self-worth, respect, and a power to determine your own path.
To be successful in your endeavor, you must be a die-hard learner. Never stop learning. Read books, listen to audios and video tapes, attend seminars, and go to symposiums. Whatever you do, invest seriously in educating yourself.
Create time for reading and meditation. Learn no matter what! Find a successful business person and study him/her. If possible, get a mentor, it is a short cut to success, if you can, it will be a great advantage to you.
In this article, we have looked at the traits that make business owners successful, we talked about vision, courage, belief, passion and commitment, risk and responsibility and continuous learning.
Go out there, develop these traits, live life to the fullness, do not take yourself too seriously, be excited and be the next business success story!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Word Press versus Blogger: pros and cons

There is a need for this write up at this moment in order for you to make the right and best decision in choosing a platform for building your website.

When it comes to Blogger vs Word-Press as a platform for your site, there are various considerations you have to look at before making your decision. Note that these contrasts are between self hosted and Blogger, not Read along as we consider the differences together.

Blogger is a blogging service provided by the tech giant Google. It is free, reliable most of the time, and quite enough to publish your stuff on the web. Google runs this service and has the right to shut it down, or shutdown your access to it at any time.

However, with Word-Press, you use a hosting provider to host your own site. You are free to decide how long you want to run it and when you want to shut it down. You own all your data and you control what information you share with any third party.

Blogger is a fine tuned service with very limited tools letting you perform only specific tasks on your site. The things you can do on your Blog-spot blog are limited, and there is no way you can extend them to meet a need. Word-Press is an open source software, so you can easily extend it to add new features. There are thousands of Word- Press plug-in allowing you to modify and extend the default feature set such as adding a store to your website, creating portfolio, etc.

When comparing Word-Press with Blogger for business websites, then Word-Press is hands down the best long-term solution for any serious business owner. Blogger by default only provides a limited set of templates to use. You can modify the colors and layout of these templates using the built-in tools, but you cannot create your own layouts or make modifications. There are several non official Blogger templates available, but these models are normally quite low quality. There are thousands of free and premium Word-Press themes which allow you to create professional looking websites. There is a Word-Press theme for just about every kind of website.