Tuesday 8 March 2022

Why Niche Research Is The Successful Marketers' Secret

Many people decide they are going to make money online and get very enthusiastic about it.  They  jump into Internet marketing with both feet, register domain names, buy hosting and start setting up websites.  It's only later on that they look back and wonder why their websites are not making any money or ranking well in the search engines.

It turns out they have randomly selected niches based on what they think might sell and selected keywords based on what they think that people are going to type in without actually doing any research and knowing the facts.  Occasionally they'll hit a good keyword / niche, but more often than not they'll struggle to earn, get frustrated and give up on making money from the Internet.

When you read about someone who made $1000 in their first month or from their first website, or you see the successful niche marketers you know that they are successful because they have taken the time to do their niche research and find profitable niches.  If you do not do the niche research at the beginning you are sabotaging your chances of success later on.  This is perhaps the most vital step in all Internet marketing, because it is the foundation stone  upon which your business will be built.  Fail to find the right niches and you will fail to create an income from the Internet.

You need to determine if a niche can make money online.  Not all products are bought over the Internet, and some are rarely bought online.  Very few people will spend $10,000 on a watch on the Internet, but they will spend $100 on a watch online.  A lot people don't like to buy shoes or clothes online because they prefer to try them on first, but they will buy computer games, music, books and exercise equipment.  You need to understand whether your niche is one where people actually make purchases online.

You also need to look at whether there are people searching for the product you want to promote online.  How many searches per month do the keywords in the niche get? Is there a lot of other people promoting products in that niche?  What type of products are people promoting in that niche?

A quick Google search will reveal all this information and more.  You can very quickly determine just how many people are looking for information and whether or not they are buying.  If there are a lot of Adwords ads when you search then you can guarantee that people are making money from those adverts, after all, you don't spend money on adverts that don't work, do you?

It is important that before you rush headlong into creating a website and trying to make money online you take a moment to do your niche research properly.  You will find that this will make a big difference in how quickly you achieve success because you will be targeted niches where you have a chance of creating a profitable website.

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